Mu le continent perdu


James Churchward




Même si l'existence d'un continent submergé dans le Pacifique n'est pas d'emblée une idée aberrante, aucune recherche scientifique ne permet jusque maintenant de confirmer une telle hypothèse.









Incidemment, ce texte est à peu près celui qui est rapporté par Thompson. S'agit-il du produit de l'imagination trop fertile d'un Pascuan. Il est difficile de croire qu'un Pascuan, à cette époque, ait pu inventer un tel scénario ? S'agit-il d'une pure tradition ? Alors dans ce cas, n'oublions pas qu'il est possible que les tablettes Rongo rongo, tel que cela est rapporté par la tradition orale, aient pu être apporté par les premiers colonisateurs de l'Île de Pâques. Si tel était le cas, ce texte ferait référence à une autre île qu'auraient quitté ces premiers colonisateurs. Le mystère demeure donc entier pour l'instant.



"When the island was first created and became known to our forefathers, the land was crossed with roads beautifully paved with flat stones. The stones were laid close together so artistically that no rough edges were exposed. Coffee-trees were growing close together along the borders of the road, that met overhead, and the branches were laced together like muscles. Heke was the builder of these roads, and it was he, who sat in the place of honor in the middle where the roads branched away in every direction. These roads were cunningly contrived to represent the plan of the web of the gray and black-pointed spider, and no man could discover the beginning or the end thereof."



"In that happy land, that beautiful land where Romaha formerly lived with his beloved Hangaroa, and where Turaki used to listen to the voice of the fowl, and feed them with watery food. In that beautiful land that was governed by gods from heaven, and who lived in the water when it was cold. Where the black and white-pointed spider would have mounted to heaven, but was prevented by the bitterness of the cold.


Where is our ancient queen? It is known that she was transformed into a fish that was finally caught in the still waters. A fish that had to be tied by the rope of Heros to be captured. Away, away, if you can not name the fish. That lovely fish with the short gills that was brought for food to our Great King, and was laid upon a dish that rocked this way and that. The same that afterwards formed the corner of the stone walk that led to the house of the Great Chief."